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iDENTified at your service.......we are waiting to take your booking and restore your vehicle to former glory!

BOOK us in the usual way - via chat here,
email to / (Dan) / (Paul).
for calls (leave voicemail if needed) and texts 07973717413 (Jim) / 07912342799 (Dan) / 07860646249 (Paul).


Public Dent Removal

Repairs can be carried out at home or at a work address at a fraction of the cost of a bodyshop repair. No special arrangements for space or power supply are required, so long as the car doors can be opened and the technician can gain access to the affected area, then the technician can carry out the repairs.


Prices are a little higher than those offered to the trade because of the comparative volume and repeat work involved. However, if you can deliver your car to an agreed location, and wait while it's being repaired, we may even be able to offer you a discount on the examples shown above.

You can also bring your vehicle to us at ST18 0AE by appointment, have a coffee or tea whilst you wait for your vehicle to be repaired.  By doing this we may also be able to offer some discount on the rates shown.


Get a quote

To determine the viability of a repair and provide you with a quotation, please follow the instructions provided in the enquiry box. Provide a summary of the damage, some photos (if possible). along with your contact details, and this information will be automatically forwarded to us for assessment. We'll then be able to provide you with a competitive price to carry out the repair.


Once you're happy with the quote and the process, we would aim to fulfil your booking within 5 days* of confirmation, unless of course you're not in a desperate hurry or your preferred dates are outside of this timeframe. Whatever the case, we at iDENTified would look to accommodate your needs.

Motorcycle Dent Repair Fuel Tank Dent Removal

The paintless dent removal process, used predominantly on cars, can also be applied for repairs on motorcycle fuel tanks. Typically, those annoying dings & dents caused by minor knocks, can be rectified without the need for respraying or replacing the tank! In most instances the repairs can be carried out on site, however, depending on the design of the bike's fuel filler inlet some cases may require the removal of the tank and it be delivered to us for the repair to be carried out.

*Obviously, any unforeseen circumstance may impact upon this promise, but we would notify you as soon as possible in the event of this happening.

Other useful services

Useful service providers for public customers in addition to dent repairs:-

Contact your area technician and he'll be able to supply contact information for 'smart repairers', 'detailers & valeters' - all of who, should, also provide mobile services.

For other areas of the UK please submit an enquiry form below and we will attempt to match you with an area agent*.

*This is a new introduction to our services so we are hoping to expand our coverage.

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