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Basic & Intermediate 5 day courses


Train exclusively on a ‘one to one’ basis or as part of a small class (up to 2). Tuition is available with iDENTified PDR, for students who are starting out in dent repairs for the first time, or who have little previous knowledge and experience in this field.

These courses are split into 2 set 5 day schedules, allowing the individual time to go away and practice in between, basic: day 1-5 and intermediate: day 6-10 (optional as a one-off 10 day hit if you wanted - one on one students only) providing 100% focus and dedication to the trainee, to achieve the daily goals set out in the programme, culminating in a theory and practical test to identify the level and understanding attained by the student.


Paintless Dent Removal is often referred to as an 'art' and is most certainly a refined skill once picked up and honed, but it is not for everybody and is nothing without a clear business plan and vision to back up your newly acquired skill.

Basic and intermediate dent removal course one on one and 2 students


The cost of 5 day......'one to one' tuition is £1750 (£350 per day) - dates for these are flexible and will be coordinated to suit both trainee and instructor. As part of a small class £1250......(2 students) - refer to the booking calendar, see below.
All fees are payable in advance (no later than 14......) and 10% deposit due with confirmation of booking.


Advanced Courses


In response to customer demand, iDENTified Dent Removal continues to offer advanced training opportunities, designed for those who have previously undergone dent removal training and/or have a basic knowledge and experience of the business.


The course will provide further background and skills training to enable you to set up your own career in Paintless Dent Removal, (PDR), or as part of your Franchise package*.

Training is carried out in a live environment on the road (hence the need for previous experience), and is aimed to give you a full insight into the day to day management and the typical range of repairs, covering aspects previously taught or learned plus more challenging fixes, to include 'glue pulling'. Class numbers are still limited to one candidate to ensure the full benefit of hands-on personal instruction.  Dates for these are flexible, looking to accommodate trainees where possible, submit enquiry outlining requirements and these will be coordinated as best possible suit.


An ability test will be carried out on day one to assess students' capability and suitability.

Course length is variable and can be booked to suit individual needs, from a minimum of 3 days to a full 4 weeks (20 days - Monday to Friday).

As previously mentioned you will be operating in a live environment, confronted by all types of damage and experience all aspects associated with the daily operation of a PDR business.


The relevant daily rates will apply, fees payable in advance ( no later than 14 days before start date) and 10% deposit with booking confirmation.


Advanced dent removal course prices

1 student only


3 days - Cost £600 - Daily Rate £200 per day


4-10 days - Cost £720-£1800 - Daily Rate £180 per day


11-20 days - Cost £1760-£3200 - Day Rate £160 per day

Our Services

  • Basic Course

    Train exclusively on a ‘one to one’ basis or as part of a small class

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    Invoiced on Booking

  • Intermediate Course

    Train exclusively on a ‘one to one’ basis or as part of a small class

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    Invoiced on Booking

When booking please book Basic first then Intermediate.

Dates for Basic and Intermediate courses for first quarter of 2020 to follow soon!

Advanced booking please complete the form at the bottom to enquire.


Complete starter tools in a case with choice of LED Light Sizes, £1175 or £1250 (see pics)

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